The Keyring Project

I think it’s one of the coolest things in the world to be involved in something bigger than yourself.

  – David Cook  


Every winter for the past six years has found me buried in piles of polymer clay, superglue, jump rings, and other assorted jewelry findings. While digital design may be my comfort zone, my pet project–The Keyring Project–is as hands-on as you can get.


The Project


For the past six years, I have been involved with Race for Hope – DC, an event that raises funds for brain cancer research, via David Cook’s Team for a Cure. After a couple years of donating what I could, I decided that, even as the stereotypical broke college student, I could donate something else: time. I began designing handmade keyrings to sell as a fundraiser, with all proceeds above the cost of materials going to the cause. Over the past six years, I have raised over $36,000 with this project.


The Designs


I couldn’t leave that fundraising potential hanging, so every year I make new designs. They show a lot of variation, and I have used several different techniques over the past several years. I put in many hours planning, constructing, marketing, and shipping the keyrings. It has simultaneously been the most time-consuming and most rewarding project that I have taken on.

2012's Design

2012’s Design


2013’s Design

2013’s Design


2014’s Design

2014’s Design

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