Dystopian Fiction Cover Redesigns

Our civilization is flinging itself to pieces. Stand back from the centrifuge.

  -Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury  


This series of book cover reinterpretations is intended to convey the sense of something being slightly awry while still being eye-catching (as much as we’re told not to, we do judge books by their covers.)





Each of these novels has been re-released countless times, so the challenge was in finding a new way to convey a sense of the books’ contents without drawing too heavily from past versions.  I researched retro, modernist, and futuristic styles to find the right balance between the classic nature of the books, the futurism of their contents, and modern design.

ConceptsI used photography to try to find interesting visuals for the covers.  Most centered around the ideas of standing out from societal norms, or the unhealthy aspects of a forcibly “perfect” society.



Cover Drafts

Design Drafts

I went through a number of different iterations before deciding to take a different approach altogether.


I usually prefer to work solely digitally, but for these designs I decided that a photographic, tactile approach would be more conducive to conveying the harsh realities of the dystopian communities within the novels.




In the end, I arrived at three distinct designs that were more similar in approach, as opposed to visual similarities: they all took aspects of the novels and made the seemingly unrealistic stories feel “real.”

Dystopian Fiction Covers

BRAVE NEW WORLD: A custom Rx form and “happy pills” reference soma, a drug used by civilians in the book.
1984: A heavily redacted document represents the extreme surveillance state depicted in the novel.
FAHRENHEIT 451: Words formed from soot reference the burning of books, which is common practice in the novel.

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